[Qoo News] Manga Tomodachi Game confirmed main cast for live action adaption



Psychological manga Tomodachi Game’s(トモダチゲーム)live action movie has cast Yuki Yamada(山田裕貴), Shimon Okura(大倉士門)and Nagi Nemoto(根本凪)to play the main characters. The movie has already cast Ryo Yoshizawa(吉沢亮)as the protagonist Yuuichi Katagiri(片切 友一)earlier.

Tomodachi Game is a manga written by Mikoto Yamaguchi(山口ミコト), illustrated by Satou Yuuki(佐藤友生)and serialised in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine(別冊少年マガジン). Yuuichi Katagiri is a high school student who has been taught to value friends over money since he was born, but as he becomes involved in a "money game" with his friends, what he has always believes begins to crash.

The live action movie will have a sequel that also hits theaters in 2017. The live action TV drama series will premier in 2017 as well.

Ryo Yoshizawa(吉沢亮)as Yuuichi Katagiri(片切 友一)
Rio Uchida(内田理央)as Shiho Saworagi(沢良宜 志法)
Yuki Yamada(山田裕貴 as Tenji Mikasa(美笠天智)
Shimon Okura(大倉士門)as Makoto Shibe(四部誠)
Nagi Nemoto(根本凪)as Kokorogi Yutori(心木ゆとり)