[Qoo News] Razer Announces 2 New Projects at CES2017


At the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 (CES2017), Razer revealed 2 new projects that blew the minds of gamers across the globe. Razer is known for pioneering new features that players didn’t even know they wanted to enhance gaming experience on PC. Although the 2 new projects, Ariana and Valerie, are currently still at the concept stage, they offer gamers a peek into what the future holds for gaming.


Project Ariana is the company’s latest vision to what Razer Chroma can become. Extending game immersion beyond RGB lighting effects on your computer peripherals, Project Ariana integrates player’s environment into part of the game with a 4k projector that extends what you see on screen beyond your monitor. Through the use of Room Scale Scanning, the projector scans the room players are playing in and calibrates its projections to give players a VR immersion that doesn’t require VR headsets.

The other grand reveal Razer presented at CES2017 is their new concept gaming laptop, Project Valerie. Although the brand started off with just computer peripherals designed By Gamers For Gamers the brand’s previous gaming laptops, Razer Blade and Razer Blade Stealth were massive hits in the gaming community. Sleek design powered by some of the latest hardware gave gamers a truly portable PC gaming experience. The new Project Valerie is a bold idea that combines the immersion of triple-screen gaming with the portability of laptops.

Project Valerie features 3 17.3″ monitors that comes together to create a immersive field of view wherever you are whenever you want. Allowing gamers to break free from restrictions a desktop may have, Project Valerie is definitely something to look forward to in the future.