[Qoo News] Digimon 20th Anniversary Remakes Original Toys


2017 marks the 20th anniversary Digital Monsters (a.k.a Digimon). Just before 2016 came to an end, Bandai Namco announced plans to remake the original Digimon key-chain toys as celebration for the 20th anniversary.


The remade keychain toys inherits the original digital pet play style with a number of new features that will give Digimon fans a refreshing change. First off, the 20th anniversary Digimon, Zubamon, will make its debut with the new remake, alongside the original cast including MetalGreymon, SkullGreymon, and MetalTyrannomon.


For the first time ever, the new Digivices will let players raise 2 Digimons at the same time! The new feature offers new opportunities to players including 2-on-2 battles and fusing when certain Digimons battle together side by side.


The 20th anniversary Digivice remake is available in Original Brown and Original Grey. For Digimon fans on Team Agumon, Agumon is exclusively available on Original Brown, whilst Gabumon is available exclusively on Original Grey.


The 20th anniversary Digivices are available for pre-order from now until 27th March, 2017 and will release in Japan in June.

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