[Qoo News] A chance to work for anime producer – Upcoming anime Eromanga Sensei is hiring


Anime series Eromanga Sensei’s(エロマンガ先生)director Ryohei Takeshita(竹下良平)is now recruiting animation directors and key animators. The anime is based off a light novel of the same title by Tsukasa Fushimi(伏見司).

▼ Takeshita posted on Twitter that the anime is hiring animation directors and key animators. Applicants should attach a picture drawn by themselves in their applications.
This TV anime was announced in March last year. It is produced by A-1 Pictures and Takeshita’s first time being a director. Staff are usually recruited by the production company, and so it is uncommon for the director himself to hire new staff. A-1 Pictures’ another upcoming series, Granblue Fantasy, has already been postponed to air in April instead of January. It is possible that Eromanga Sensei will share the fate and get postponed due to a lack of talents.


Eromanga Sensei tells the story of a light novel author, Masamune Izumi, and his younger sister Sagiri Izumi. Sagiri never leaves her room after their parents’ death, and this makes her life unknowable to even Masamune. Just when Masamune is watching a live-stream of his partner illustrator, Eromanga Sensei, he finds out that this Eromanga Sensei is actually his little sister.