[Qoo News] Live-action Neko Atsume’s teaser video released


Mobile game Neko Atsume’s(ねこあつめ)live-action movie has published a teaser video that reveals a new character Michiru. The movie will be released on 8th April, 2017.

Neko Atsume is a mobile game where players can collect cats that visit them in a virtual backyard. It has gained immense popularity around the world since its release, getting over 19 million downloads so far.

Atsushi Ito(伊藤淳史)plays Katsu Sakumoto(佐久本)who moves to a new home due to his writer’s block. Shiori Kutsuna(忽那汐里)plays Katsu’s editor Michiru(ミチル).

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