[Qoo News] 29 Days at TpGS2017 Indie House


From the creators of Heroes of Horizon, 29 Days is Hong Kong’s  Play Lazy’s new modern day survival game which focuses on time management.


In the cold modern city life, the stress of constantly being judged has created many rejects of society. in 29 days, the player are given a chance to leave all that behind with one great gamble. Challenged by a mysterious individual, players try to survive in the wild for 29 days in order to receive a grand sum of money to turn their life around.


As mentioned before time management is a key to success in 29 Days. Each day is a mere 12 hours, severely limiting what the player can do in order to survive. However unlike many survival games, 29 Days has more of a turn based system. different tasks requires a different amount of time to complete. Every turn the player can control what their free characters can do in the following turn. A turn ends whenever a task is complete.

Players will have to look out for a number of different elements, from characters hunger levels to the weather and temperature of their environment.


During the turns, there are random encounters that could benefit the player or cause characters to go into combat. Combat is fully automated in 29 Days which means one enemy can potentially become a huge step back for the player.


At the end of each day, players can write in their key events that happened during the day. This can be crucial since players can time-warp back to a previous day, potentially avoiding major crisis in the future.

Final Opinion 

29 Day is has an interesting take in modern society and brilliantly uses a common mentality as a key point of the game. The art style and fluency of the game play is a wonderful experience for players who enjoys the thrill of survival games. A perfect combination between Fallout Shelter and Don’t Starve, 29 Days could be the game that brings Play Lazy into the spotlight!