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E3 2021 - Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Coming to Nintendo Switch on 24th September Will the bundle be cheaper on Switch though?

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E3 2021 - Nintendo Announces a Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch Can't wait to try out the new counter mechanic

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E3 - Tekken's Kazuya Comes to Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Not what I expected, but I like it

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E3 2021 - Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel Announced! Your patience has been rewarded!

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24 Entertainment Reveals Exclusive Look on NARAKA: BLADEPOINT New Weapon at E3 2021 Yoto Hime from Onmyoji will be in the game!

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E3 - Capcom Reveals That a Resident Evil Village DLC is in Development Please tell me there'll be more Lady D!

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E3 2021 - Xbox Reveals STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl Gameplay and Release Date Reminds we a lot of Metro but above ground

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E3 2021 - Square Enix Reveals Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Gameplay How can I say no to another Marvel game?

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