Infinity Souls Launches in Japan on June 30


Aniplex and Seven Arcs officially announced the release date for the smartphone “crime and rescue RPG”, Infinity Souls for June 30 in Japan. The game’s Twitter will be posting original illustrations every day until the game launches, with the first illustration featuring the character Karin Toda, by the game’s art director Shuiki Kawakami.

Infinity Souls is a collaborative game project by Aniplex and animation studio Seven Arcs. Seven Arcs is responsible for producing anime such as Magical Girl Lyrica Nanoha, Sekirei, and Trinity Seven.

Pre-registration for the game is available through the game’s Twitter, Line, the App Store, and Google Play.

Infinity Souls Trailer

About Infinity Souls

Infinity Souls takes place in an era where technology has progressed beyond the information age, and people are able to benefit in many more ways from it. However, an over-reliance on technology spurred the increase of “PSYber crimes”, an assault on the minds of people and their memories, leaving them a shell of their former selves.

To confront the rise of PSYbercrimes, an organization known as the Communication Information Guardians / C.I.G. was formed. As a commander of the C.I.G., you’re tasked with preventing more PSYber crimes, and rescuing any victims before they suffer serious damage by recruiting, training, and commanding a group of operatives to missions.

Infinity Souls
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