Aether Gazer 3D Action RPG Gets Global Release in Q4 2022


Yostar Games, developers behind Azur Lane and Arknights announced that their latest 3D-action mobile game, Aether Gazer is getting global servers in English for iOS and Android in Q4 2022 in North America, Europe, and SEA! The game promises to bring an immersive story blended with intense 3D-action gameplay, in stunning graphical fidelity.

The game was already made available in China in April 2022, though with the global version only being at most half a year away, players shouldn’t have to wait much longer!

Aether Gazer

About Aether Gazer

With nearing the brink of extinction, a group of the world’s largest minds was tasked with creating a system to upload the human consciousness into Gaea.Zero, a supercomputer floating in outer space. While the human body may have been lost, their spirit and minds will live on digitally in a digital world with Gaea making its own calculations for its residents.

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The digital world is split into various regions with different beliefs, such as the Sananmi district that rely on agriculture and religion, or the Neuhansa region, an industrial zone that houses Spealight industries, the biggest AGI mech company in Gaea, with rumors that the company is planning to create their own AGI mech legion to take over the system.

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In Aether Gazer, players will control a squad of three, with two other members being Ai-controlled in real-time combat with stunning 3D graphics, in a bid to find out what is happening behind the scenes in Gaea, and stop it once and for all. Expect gameplay and action to rival Punishing Gray Raven!

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