Down Town Battle Days Mobile Retreo Beat-Em-Up is Available Now


DH Games’ retro beat-em-up for mobile phones, Down Town Battle Days (Shitamachi Battle Days) is available now for iOS and Android devices!

This side-scrolling beat-em-up is set in a modern-day downtown industrial era, where you get to play as one of five characters as you go on a rampage through town. Beat up thugs, get money, and gear, and level up your character and clean the city of filth! This game marks DH Games’ second publically released title after its Let’s Make a Game bit game maker that was also released in English.

About Down Town Battle Days

Down Town Battle Days is an original 3d beat-em-up that really seeks to bring back an era of simpler games with simple controls and combat action. As you run through stages you’ll be battling hooligans, “Yankees” and other thugs, and can even unleash special moves when your MP gauge is full.

Downtown Battle Days Launch 0 5

As you progress, you can level up to five different characters each with different attacks and special abilities. You can also head to the shop to buy new gear for them in the form of attacks, abilities, and training regiments to help power them up even further and train specific stats. You can also pick up objects in the environment to use as weapons to further lay it on the thugs.

Downtown Battle Days Launch 0 2
Downtown Battle Days Launch 0 3
Downtown Battle Days Launch 0 4

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