Century Games’ Among Gods Officially Launches in Japan on May 29


Century Games’ popular smartphone game Among Gods! RPG Adventure officially launches in Japan on May 29, 2023. The dark epic RPG allows players to experience the allure of history and join forces with iconic heroes like King Arthur and Mage Merlin!

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Among Gods Game Features

■  Battle alongside illustrious heroes in history and unlock their true potential!

Choose from over 100 historical figures from around the world, including Charlemagne, Oda Nobunaga, Cleopatra, and many more! Heroes are divided into 6 classes: Tank, Warrior, Mage, Archer, Assassin, and Sage.

Tanks and Warriors excel at frontline combat, with tanks specializing in defense and warriors focusing on offense.

image 63

Mages and Archers are powerful damage dealers from a distance. Mages excel at inflicting area damage, while Archers can deliver lethal single-target strikes.

image 68

Assassins and Sages bring a special touch to battles. Assassins can swiftly infiltrate the enemy ranks and strike at the backline, while Sages play a vital role in supporting and healing their allies.

image 66

■  Immerse yourself in stunning 3D graphics that bring the game world to life!

Experience a visually striking world crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The stunning graphics and exquisite models of Among Gods will surely transport you into a realm of imagination and wonder!

image 62

■  Evolve your heroes to become unstoppable!

Among Gods! RPG Adventure offers a comprehensive development system. Forge an invincible team through hero promotion, ascension, equipment enhancement, relics, and even dragons!

Venture to Dragon Island and hatch and nurture powerful dragons using energy stolen from other players! Unleash devastating attacks such as dragon breath and lightning to decimate your enemies. Strengthen your dragons further by upgrading their abilities. Hesitate no longer. Discover and train your very own dragon today!

image 64

■  Engage in strategic battles and conquer powerful bosses

Assemble a team of powerful heroes from the vast selection available and take on challenging boss encounters!

image 67

Unlock various combo skills to maximize your team’s potential and strategically utilize each hero’s abilities to secure victory in your own unique combat style!

■  Explore diverse PvE and PVP gameplay options!

Among Gods offers an array of engaging PvE and PvP activities, including the Heroic Crusade, Arena, Stonehenge, Nightmare, the Trial of Truth, Guild Bosses, and Dragon Island, among others.

image 65

Prepare for thrilling adventures and face off against formidable opponents on diverse battlefields!

Take Part in Exciting Events with Incredible Rewards!

To celebrate Among Gods’ official launch in Japan, we’re sending out fantastic rewards to all players based on the number of pre-registrations.

50,000 pre-registrations: Coins ×5000, Hero EXP ×2000, Diamond ×200.
100,000 pre-registrations: Random 3-Star Hero Fragment ×60, Hero Powder ×100.
250,000 pre-registrations: Recruitment Voucher ×5, Diamond ×300.
500,000 pre-registrations: Random 4-Star Hero Fragment ×60.

image 69

Simply log in every day to receive lots of Recruitment Vouchers and rare resources. On the 7th day, you will also receive the powerful S-Class hero, Cleopatra!

image 61

Our novice-exclusive event, 7-Day Carnival, is also underway! Complete tasks and accumulate points to acquire the S-Class hero, King Arthur! Boasting superb defense and impressive AoE damage, King Arthur is easily one of the strongest heroes in the early stage. Make sure to seize this exclusive opportunity and get him for free!

※ All screenshots were taken during the game’s developmental phase and are subject to potential changes before the official release.

Among Gods! RPG Adventure | Japanese Century Games Publishing Rate: 4.5 Install