Idoly Pride Global is Out Now for Smartphones


The global version of the idol management simulation game Idoly Pride officially launches today for iOS and Android devices. Originally released in Japan by QualiArts in June 2021, Idoly Pride is a smartphone game based on the multimedia project under the same name.

According to an announcement made on the official Twitter, the global version will proceed with the same content schedule as the Korean server, which launches in April 2022. The story content will be gradually updated after the service starts.

idoly pide global launch

And in celebration of the game launch, new players will receive Red Diamond x3000, Casting Ticket x30, and 5-star casting ticket x2 in their inbox as rewards. An Exchange Business Card event will also be available 30 days after your tutorial, in which you can receive high-value items including Red Diamond x3,000, ★5 100% Casting Ticket x2, Casting Ticket x30, and more by completing missions.

As the first event in the global server, a Premium Casting Update Event will be held until June 14. Players who obtain Mana Nagase “Watching the First Sunrise of the New Year Together” in the Premium Casting will receive 10 Premium Casting Tickets as additional rewards.


About Idoly Pride

In Idoly Pride, players will take on the role of a manager supporting idols from Hoshimi Productions. As you play, you’ll be talking to the girls, helping them train, sending them out on fan meetups, and helping them coordinate their performances before taking it onto the big stage.

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You can train your idols in various aspects from their vocals, dancing abilities, and visual appeal to help figure out their best traits when it comes to performances and bring them to the top. As you interact with them you can also take photos of their various performances and daily activities to share with others.

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You can also give these girls counseling over the phone, answering their questions and giving them advice on how to better prepare themselves. Each idol has its own problems and questions for you to answer, letting you learn more about their various quirks!

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