Qureate Teases Pursuer, a New Game Set in an Abandoned Mall


Qureate, the publishers behind the recently released Sentimental Death Loop is teasing another project with a teaser website, tentatively dubbed Pursuer based on the URL of its official website, though like with Sentimental Death Loop it’s likely just a brief description of what the game entails.

The website has the caption “Can you escape the fear of being cornered…?”, and judging from the setting of an abandoned mall, it may be another horror visual novel with light exploration elements while the player is being pursued by an unknown assailant.

The developers will be giving us more details on August 31, and you can take a look at its background image without the caption below.

Qureate Pursuer Game Tease Website 0

About Qureate

Qureate is a developer and publisher based in Japan with a history of titles in different genres, from the Romance Adventure game series NinNinDays, to the side-scrolling tower defense game Duel Princess. Most recently Qureate released Sentimental Death Loop, a time-travel adventure game where players have to help a college girl stop her endless death at the hands of her friend, escaping her house and uncovering the reason behind her death.

The developer’s games are made with an anime aesthetic and have also been ported to PC via Steam, GOG Games, and other consoles with English translations.

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