Co-Op Horror Game School Labyrinth Coming to Steam in 2023


Japanese indie developer RainyDollGames announced School Labyrinth, a new cooperative horror escape game that will launch in the fourth quarter of 2023 for PC via Steam. The Steam page of the game was also revealed coinciding with the announcement.

The game puts players in the role of up to four unfortunate students who find themselves locked inside their own school, after breaking in at midnight on a dare. Trapped and seemingly stalked by dark entities that are hellbent on keeping them inside, the students must find the way to the exit of an ever-changing school hallway that seems to change with every corner turned.

SchoolLabyrinth 0

SchoolLabyrinth 2

The developers have previously developed a similar rogue-like escape game titled Unknown Pyramid which was released earlier this year in February. School Labyrinth is the second project for the developer and will feature soundtracks by composer Soutarou Otogi.

The game’s text will support multiple languages including English, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, German, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

School Labyrinth Reveal Trailer

School Labyrinth Gameplay

Players will start each escape attempt with a random amount of items and resources and will traverse a randomly generated version of the school evading threats as they go. The trailer also shows that the player characters have stamina bars that must be managed in order to leg it when horrors are nearby.

SchoolLabyrinth 5

The trailer showed that one of these stalkers is an anatomy doll, that breaks out from the science classroom. The doll can be seen staring down players across dimly lit hallways and even slamming its fists to get inside a door. While the game supports up to four-player co-op, School Labyrinth can also be played completely solo as well.

SchoolLabyrinth 3

SchoolLabyrinth 4

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