Shinobu Takayama’s Haigakura Action Fantasy Manga Gets TV Anime in 2024


Shinobu Takayama’s long-running action fantasy manga Haigakura is getting a TV anime adaptation that will debut in 2024. A teaser visual for the adaptation drawn by the original author was also unveiled along with the announcement.

QooApp Haigakura KV

Takayama began serializing Haigakura in Ichijinsha’s Zero-Sum Ward magazine in 2008. Following the magazine’s cessation in 2015, the manga continued on the Zero-Sum Online service, becoming Takayama’s longest-running work.

The story of Haigakura unfolds in a secluded realm situated above the sky and below the ocean, where both deities and mortals coexist. In this world, four evil gods once acted as pillars supporting the land, but they, along with all the other minor gods, have fled, causing chaos. This has led to the emergence of those known as Kashikan, whose job is to capture the gods who fled and restore stability to the country.

The protagonist, a young man named Ichiyō, is a Kashikan who unwillingly takes up the job to regain his foster father’s freedom. His foster father, a tiger, was captured to act as a replacement for the four gods who ran away. Ichiyō’s main objective is to recapture the evil gods and take back the peaceful life that he used to live. Embarking on a mission to capture the gods who have scattered across the realm, together with the subordinate god Tenkō, Ichiyō searches for the four evil gods who hold the key to the realm’s collapse, working to restore the delicate balance that once existed in this mystical world.

An exhibition event featuring Takayama’s works will be held in Tokyo’s Yurakucho Marui from September 23 to October 9 and in Osaka’s Namba Marui from October 20 to November 5. Goods related to Haigakura and other works by Takayama will be available for purchase during these exhibitions.

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