Lovebrush Chronicles Now Available for Pre-Registration


Pre-registration for the otome adventure RPG Lovebrush Chronicles, known in other languages as For All Time, is available now starting from August 25. The tiered pre-registration rewards offer players a chance to unlock character secrets and earn rewards through various stages of engagement!

Players can now pre-register Lovebrush Chronicles via the official website, or social media platforms like Facebook and X (previously Twitter). The pre-registration rewards range from in-game assets like Gold and Stamina to exclusive avatar frames, along with premium prizes such as an iPad Air and iPhone 14 for select raffle winners. A release date for this Western version of the game has not yet been announced.

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Lovebrush Chronicles Gameplay

Lovebrush Chronicles is a narrative romance game that transports players into a multiverse of infinite stories. With renowned Japanese voice actors such as KENN, Shinnosuke Tachibana, Junichi Suwabe, Kohsuke Toriumi, and Daisuke Hirakawa providing the dubbing. Coupled with beautiful original artwork and background music, the game plunges players into tales of love and adventure.

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Players assume the role of a first-year fine arts student with special abilities, navigating through different worlds to find love, thus beginning their unique adventure. Multiple universes ranging from Western fantasy to modern romance offer a diverse canvas, allowing players to explore the mystery of time and love.

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The game’s story branches based on player choices, leading to various paths and endings. Choices within the game not only affect the plot’s direction but also enable players to develop relationships through activities such as dating, enhancing character affinity, and unraveling their backstories.

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An immersive experience is enriched with original illustrations and full dubbing, bringing the characters and their stories to life. The game is not merely about romance; it’s a story of choices and growth. Players may choose to embrace others’ kindness or make enemies, fall in love, or travel the world pursuing dreams alone. The brush in the player’s hand wields the power to rewrite the universe, where every decision shapes the subsequent journey.

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Lovebrush Chronicles Pre-Registration Campaign

The pre-registration process is being accompanied by several tiers of rewards, raffles, and an “Invite Friends, Win Rewards” event. Prizes range from in-game assets like Gold and Stamina to exclusive avatar frames, along with premium prizes such as an iPad Air and iPhone 14 for select raffle winners.

As the game prepares for its official debut, the pre-registration process will bring a slew of intriguing sneak peeks. Starting at the 50k pre-registration mark, insights into the characters from the Real World will be revealed, with further plot twists being disclosed at the 100k milestone.

In addition, an “Invite Friends, Win Rewards” event has been launched to promote community building among players. Through the sharing of unique Friend Codes and completion of specific tasks, participants are offered chances to win various prizes. Completing tasks grants additional raffle entries.

Additionally, players who enter three distinct Fervor Codes during the pre-registration phase will be guaranteed specific in-game assets upon the game’s official release, including 1 Old Dutch Paint and 5 Stardust Bell-Bear items. Moreover, following and reposting the official X account gives players an opportunity to win Amazon Gift Cards and other prizes.

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Pre-registration Milestone Rewards:

  • 50k Pre-registrations: Gold x20,000, Stamina x20
  • 100k Pre-registrations: Exclusive Pre-registration Avatar Frame, Stamina x30
  • 200k Pre-registrations: Diamonds x160, Stardust Bell – Bear x3
  • 300k Pre-registrations: Pictura – Time of Serenity, Engravings – Shadow x3
  • 500k Pre-registrations: Old Dutch Paint x10

Raffle for Pre-registered Players:

  • 50k Pre-registrations: $10 Amazon Gift Card (10 winners)
  • 100k Pre-registrations: $30 Amazon Gift Card (10 winners)
  • 200k Pre-registrations: $50 Amazon Gift Card (10 winners)
  • 300k Pre-registrations: iPad Air (1 winner)
  • 500k Pre-registrations: iPhone 14 (1 winner)

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