Girls Creation is a New Strategy RPG Featuring Girls with the Power of Art


DMM Games revealed a new project by Creative Team Kumasan, being a strategy RPG titled Girls Creation. The game is the 4th new by Creative Team Kumasan, the team previously worked on games like Monster Musume TD, Mist Train Girls, Flower Knight Girl, and more.

The game is described as a turn-based strategy simulation RPG, where the world is populated by artists with various personalities and powers based on the images they crate. The player takes on the role of a new director of the Mugen Museum, a historical art gallery that was destroyed in the city of Athens, and it’s up to you to rebuild the museum from the ground up.

The game also released a new cinematic trailer introducing its characters and world but shows no gameplay.

The developers have yet to announce what platforms Girls Creation will be coming to, but judging from its other titles it will likely be playable on at least browsers for PC and mobile.

Girls Creation Reveal Trailer

About Girls Creation Reveal Trailer

Athens is a city that was said to be created, and blessed by the gods of art. The people in this city lived prosperous and peaceful lives thanks to the works of art imbued with mystical powers by the gods, providing them with bountiful resources, convenience, and other treasures.

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One day, however, the arts were abused, and someone created the “Arts of Death” with the sole purpose of killing others. This dark art attracted many with nefarious goals and those fascinated by the beauty of death, including many artists.

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However, there were just as many, if not more artists who wanted to prolong life and protect those who cherished its original purpose, and those who stood up using their powers to protect the world from evil.

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