Tonight, do you wanna feel ~tipsy? Smitten by Cuteness? Or be a cool bartender?! Bartender Simulation Game BarIsland Coming to Mobile in Q3 2024!


Drink up! Storytelling day and night at the bar, the first to get tipsy from cuteness wins! GameNobility today announced that their upcoming simulation game BarIsland will launch globally for mobile in Q3 2024, bringing the sound of ice cubes clinking to leisure time. 

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BarIsland Gameplay

In BarIsland, players will work with cute animal characters in a cozy treehouse bar to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. The Treehouse Bar is located on a small island town called Marinadin, with beautiful scenery and a relaxed lifestyle defined by mixology culture.

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While exploring the world of BarIsland, players will obtain historical cocktail recipes to recreate these great works of art! Through interacting with each character, players will uncover the untold stories of Marinadin.  

BarIsland 01
Drink and tell stories, Immerse in Classic Tales of Mixology, and the Bar’s Midnight Secrets.

The gameplay of BarIsland is a relaxed simulation/management style (SLG), in which players progress the story through dialogue and making drinks – one story per cocktail, gradually building up the world. The game will add countless drink recipes matching holidays and life’s pace, bringing spiritual fulfillment.

image 13
Solve puzzles, and obtain recipes!

The design philosophy of “BarIsland” is not just to provide a relaxing, chill game space. GameNobility hopes to promote mixology culture through this game. Combining cocktail knowledge with cute animals and a laidback seaside town, players will gradually learn mixology is not alcohol abuse, but a tasteful social activity.

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Animal socializing at the bar, each drink has a little story.  

By understanding cocktails properly, players can also learn tips and common sense for everyday mixing, making them willing to try cocktails and even visit bars to order their favorites, enjoying this leisurely lifestyle.

image 15
Running a bar, decorating with care!

BarIsland is joining TGS2023!

With the global launch of BarIsland in Q3 2024 approaching, players will embark on a journey of surprises and discovery in this unique seaside town. This mobile game combining management and mixology will bring an extraordinary cocktail adventure to players worldwide.

Just finished mixing a drink, GameNobility would like to tell everyone that BarIsland will also be exhibited in Japan this September at the Tokyo Game Show, at booth 09-E45 in the Indie Game Area, under the name GameNobility. Welcome to visit us Sept 21-24!

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