Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat – Unveiling on January 10th, Capcom’s Authorized Mobile Game is on the Horizon.


With the revelation of the confirmed release date for the exclusive authorized Devil May Cry mobile game, ‘Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat,’ the anticipation and excitement among gaming enthusiasts have again been ignited. This 3D-action mobile game seamlessly inherits the world view of Capcom’s classic game series, ‘Devil May Cry,’ delving deeply into Gothic-style scenes, character appearances, and skill performances characteristic of the Devil May Cry series. Through collaborative efforts with Capcom, it faithfully brings the most classic traits of Devil May Cry to the fans.

Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat

“Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat” is under the full supervision of CAPCOM. The development team has meticulously restored the beloved gameplay, characters, iconic bosses, and original scenes from Devil May Cry 1-5 generations into an action-packed mobile game. The fan-favourite characters such as Dante, Vergil, Lady, and Nero are leading the way, accompanied by a homage to their original skills and action-packed experiences. Paying tribute to various renowned weapons like the Rebellion, Yamato, and Red Queen, this game truly captures the essence of the classic Devil May Cry series.

Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat
Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat

Strict Supervisions from Capcom, Examining Every Detail

Today, ‘Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat’ held a special program for the beta testing schedule, where the developers personally appeared to bring a series of noteworthy disclosures to the players. They revealed the efforts made by the game to restore and inherit the original style faithfully. They specifically highlighted the team’s thorough examination and faithful reproduction of character settings, scenes, monsters, and skills within the game. Capcom maintained strict control throughout the process and had exceptionally high expectations. For example, they mentioned the scars on Lady’s face and legs. To faithfully recreate the most iconic ‘Judgment Cut End,’ the team conducted a frame-by-frame observation and analysis of the original presentation of the skill in the game. Through screen freezing and maximizing explosion effects, a more intense gaming experience is presented, allowing players to feel the impact of ‘Judgment Cut End deeply’.

Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat
Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat

Optimized Experience for all Devices

The developers also mentioned considering the performance and screen sizes of various phones, optimizing the overall atmosphere of the skills during production. For instance, they focused on effects like static special effects and screen-cutting, allowing users of different phones to experience the impact of the original skills.

Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat

Developers Demonstrating the New PVP and Co-op Modes

In addition to these revelations, the developers also personally demonstrated the mobile game’s unique PVP gameplay and the co-op mode. The PVP gameplay is a significant game component, enabling players to choose their favourite characters and engage in fair competition in an arena setting. Players can showcase their individual combat prowess by mastering the skills and combos of their selected characters. Furthermore, within the game, players can join forces with others online to collectively tackle challenges, experiencing the joy and excitement of teamwork.

Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat

A Sneak Peek to the Popular Character from DMC 5: V

Fans of Devil May Cry 5 have every reason to be thrilled. During the live stream, the producer revealed that they will be introducing the character V from Devil May Cry 5, giving players the opportunity to reunite with this beloved character in the mobile game and experience his unique combat style and skills once again.

As the exclusive authorized Devil May Cry mobile game by Capcom, the release of ‘Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat’ is imminent, undoubtedly promising a dual feast of visual splendor and engaging gameplay for enthusiasts of the Devil May Cry series. Based on the producer’s revelations and live demonstrations, this mobile game not only maintains the classic style of the original series but also introduces innovative breakthroughs, assuring players of a more stunning and immersive gaming experience.

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In the final surprise segment, it was revealed that the Devil May Cry mobile game will collaborate with a significant and mysterious guest well-known among Devil May Cry players, promising to bring everyone an exciting surprise.

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Preregistration Bonuses

Pre-registration for the game is still available, and the development team has curated a range of exclusive perks for all participants. Here’s what you can unlock based on the number of registrations:

For 100,000 registered hunters: 50,000 Red Orbs
For 500,000 registered hunters: 50 Elixirs
For 1 million registered hunters: 200 Gems
For 2 million registered hunters: 1,000 Gems
For 5 million registered hunters: 10 Hunter Vault Breakers

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat’s launch date is almost here! Get ready for the ultimate feast of demon hunting! Let’s step into the world of Devil May Cry, unleash our inner strength, defeat powerful foes, and become true sons of Sparda!

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