Redlab Games New Original MMORPG<ROM: Remember of Majesty>Pre-registration Available!


Redlab Games announced on the 14 Dec that they have collaborated with Kakao Games to schedule a global launch for their new original hardcore MMORPG <ROM: Remember of Majesty>.

Pre-registration is available worldwide starting on the same date.

ROM: Remember of Majesty

<<Official Press Release>>

Players who pre-registered via the <ROM> official website will receive a special in-game item, the “Ring of Oath” and other various items.

Those who pre-registered via Google Play and Apple App Store will be rewarded with in-game currency and growth items.

Meanwhile, <ROM> operation team is hosting a Pre-registration Event where players can earn extra rewards based on the total number of pre-registrations.

4 different languages are available on the <ROM> official website.

1222 Press 02 EN

Players can get a sneak peek to unravel the mysteries in the enchanting continent of Calderas through the Worldview Trailer and the OST, each based on the theme of different continents, gaining an understanding of the unique characteristics and weapons of each class.

Moreover, Producer Shin Hyun-Keun will publish his first Producer’s Briefing, announcing the upcoming “Media Showcase” and the “Global Beta Test”. He also plans to engage with players through his future Producer’s Briefing.

The new hardcore MMORPG <ROM: Remember of Majesty> is set for a global launch in the 1st season of 2024, featuring a global one-build system that allows all players worldwide to join the battlefield simultaneously.

The game will be available across PC, Android and iOS.

To encourage players to engage in PvP on one battlefield without boundaries, <ROM> introduces a massive strategy battlefield system which supports “Simultaneous Chat Translation” for ultimate player experience.

Additionally, <ROM> nurtures a dynamic economic and PvP system, showcasing the core essence of the hardcore MMORPG.

On the other hand, for the simultaneous global launch <ROM: Remember of Majesty>, Redlab Games and Kakao Games have signed a joint venture, with Kakao Games focusing on global business, providing global marketing and platform support, while Redlab Games will concentrate on development, operations and all game related services.