Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG Grandly Launches! Enjoy 1000 Consecutive Draws and Embark on Your Fantasy Adventure with Exclusive Heroes!


Today, the Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG officially announces the launch of its servers, inviting players to embark on a dazzling adventure! Log in now to enjoy 1000 consecutive draws, allowing you to choose your favourite heroes freely and embark on a romantic and thrilling adventure!

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On the opening day, all players logging in can possess an SSS hero [King of Gods-Odin], with a trial period of up to 7 days. This hero will become your powerful companion in the adventure, unfolding an epic story. A new hero, [God of Ninja-Fuma], is also waiting for you, with 6 hours of trial time upon login. Experience the mystery and strength of this hero, adding a touch of colour to your team!

MagicChronicle_SSS hero

Enjoyable Strategic Battles, Easy and Exciting Combat:

Experience relaxed yet exhilarating battle adventures, keeping the fun going as you progress. Choose your favourite heroes, and with luxurious rewards, build a dream team for a stellar start.

MagicChronicle_ Battles

Massive Skin Selection, No Repeats Every Day:

Equipments, pets, and outfits are abundant to meet all your fashion needs. Choose from a dazzling array of outfits, including mysterious robes, sunny sailor suits, and handsome suits, creating a unique hero image.


Luxurious Welfare Gala, Win Effortlessly with a Zen Attitude:

Random red packet rewards for the entire server, joyously showering every adventurer. When the fortune cat meows, instant wealth descends, allowing you to prosper in seconds.

Moreover, there are plenty of welfare exchanges waiting for you! Enter the redemption codes MAGIC777, MAGIC888, MAGIC999, or MAGIC2024 to receive luxurious gifts. The redemption process is simple; just input the code in the “Code” section below the character avatar in the game’s main city, click confirm, and the exchange will be complete.

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Join us now, “Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG” has officially opened the doors of adventure! Craft your exclusive hero and create a legendary adventure together!

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