Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Officially Launched, Debut of New Title in the Devil May Cry Series


On January 10, 2024, the eagerly awaited mobile game, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, was officially launched. Developed by NebulaJoy and closely supervised by the CAPCOM team, this authorized mobile game assures players an unmatched, action-packed experience. As a fresh addition to the renowned Devil May Cry (DMC) action game series, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is committed to maintaining and authentically reproducing the original characters, settings, weapons, and bosses. The production team exerted maximum effort in creating this game, with the goal of immersing every player in this gothic-inspired world.

Peak of Combat

Classic Returns, Gameplay Restored

The production team of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat meticulously restored the classic gameplay, characters, beloved bosses, and original scenes from the first to the fifth installments of DMC. Iconic characters such as Dante, Vergil, Lady, Nero, and others take the lead, presenting an authentic experience of skills and actions. This includes paying homage to various renowned weapons such as Rebellion, Yamato, and Red Queen, preserving their original essence.

Peak of Combat_Screenshot

Storm Approaches, Flame Ignites

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat has prepared an abundance of rewards and content for players, featuring a series of celebratory events that offer generous amounts of Gems. Additionally, as a gesture of gratitude to Devil May Cry fans, a brand-new promotional track titled ‘Fire Inside’, composed by the renowned composer Casey Edwards, has been released. Known among Devil May Cry enthusiasts for his music mastery, Casey Edwards’ creation ‘Bury the Light’ has garnered over 100 million views on YouTube, becoming a beloved classic among the series’ fans. ‘Fire Inside’ will once again embody Casey Edwards’ signature heavy metal style, leading players into this captivating gaming world with its heart-pounding melodies and profound lyrics.

Peak of Combat_OST

As a Devil May Cry mobile game deeply involved with the entire CAPCOM team, Mr. Hideaki Itsuno, the overall director of the Devil May Cry series, extended his blessings for the game’s launch and showcased his achievement of attaining an SSS-stylish game ranking. Meanwhile, Casey Edwards also conveyed his wishes to the game.

DMC 03

First & Ever DMC PVP

Apart from retaining the original essence, the game optimized the overall atmosphere of skills during production, considering the performance and screen size variations across different mobile devices. For instance, effects like skill statics and screen cuts were refined, ensuring users on different phones could experience the impact of the classic skills. Additionally, the innovative PVP mode in the mobile game is a significant component, enabling players to select their preferred characters and engage in fair duels on the arena. By mastering character skills and combos, players can showcase their individual combat prowess, challenging others.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of the Devil May Cry series or a newcomer with a keen interest in 3D-action RPG, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat promises an entirely new gaming experience. Are you prepared to embrace this imminent storm?

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