One Punch Man: World Announces its Release Date


One Punch Man: World, the multiplayer action game, is expected to launch on multiple platforms on February 1st! Developed by Perfect World Games and authorized by the ONE PUNCH MAN production committee, including Shueisha. It’s a must-play for all ONE PUNCH MAN fans worldwide!

One Punch Man: World

Experience the thrilling and challenging world of One Punch Man: World. Immerse yourself in stunning battles and diverse characters. Feel the power of every hero and even control monsters in this unparalleled adventure.

Multi-platform Launch: February 1, 2024

Discover a captivating world in One Punch Man: World

One Punch Man: World offers a captivating open-world experience, allowing players to explore cities, interact with NPCs, and engage in thrilling battles. With interactive elements like NPC’s phone and dynamic urban life, the game brings a sense of realism and liveliness to every detail. Join in gossip discussions, interact with NPCs on the BBS, and immerse yourself in a truly dynamic gaming experience!


Enjoy the ultimate hero lineup and realistic combat visuals

Break away from the traditional single-player gameplay and join forces with the iconic heroes of One Punch Man on an epic adventure. Team up with four heroes, unleash their powerful skills, and triumph over evil forces. Prepare to be amazed by this game’s stunning graphics and intense battles.

OnePunch 03

The game development team said One Punch Man: World is an exciting adventure for global players. It delivers a fresh hero experience. Thanks for your continuous support, and we can’t wait to meet you on February 1st!

OnePunch 02

Keep up with One Punch Man: World on social media and the official website for the latest updates and exciting event news.

One Punch Man: World | SEA Perfect World Games Rate: 3.2 Install