Maple Heroes: Embark on Your Heroic Quest Today!


The highly anticipated adventure game Maple Heroes officially launches today, April 17th. This impressive RPG offers players an immersive and boundless world of excitement and wonder. Step into an extraordinary universe where talking mushrooms, formidable cow-headed traders, and legendary dragonborns await your discovery.

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Multi-Profession Versatility

Maple Heroes offers four unique professions for players: Knights, Rangers, Mages, and Priests. Choose the one that aligns best with your combat strategy and preferred playstyle. Each profession boasts distinct skills and approaches—whether engaging in close combat as a Knight, strategically positioned as a Ranger, casting powerful spells as a Mage, or supporting allies as a Priest, you’re sure to immerse in the diverse and dynamic roles available fully.

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Exclusive Style Selection

The game features a highly personalized fashion boutique where heroes can create unique looks. Mix and match makeup, hairstyles, weapons, tops, pants, and more to craft an excellent, stylish appearance. Customize your character’s image to reflect your taste and creativity, showcasing a distinct style and personality.

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Endless Strategic Options in Maple Heroes

Maple Heroes challenges traditional roles by introducing the groundbreaking Burst DPS Knight, revolutionizing combat strategies. Additionally, guilds provide heroes with clear objectives for growth and advancement. By continuously completing tasks, heroes gradually increase their strength, become more powerful adventurers, and acquire fashionable attire.

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Maple Heroes Launch Rewards

Everyone can get a huge bounty of 2048 pulls as game launch rewards! A 7-day login series will also allow players to obtain massive resources through events.

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