Announcement of the Release Date for “Machorium – Muscle Aquarium Simulator”


NEOLAVI is excited to announce that the PC game “Machorium – Muscle Aquarium Simulator” is scheduled for release on May 29, 2024. Alongside the release announcement, we are unveiling the second promotional video for the game.

Machorium - Muscle Aquarium Simulator -

<<Official Press Release>>

“Machorium” Trailer ②

About “Machorium – Muscle Aquarium Simulator”

Wouldn’t you like to relax while watching swimming machos…?

Customize a blank aquarium to your liking and fill it with adorable miniature machos to create your own perfect Machorium!

“Machorium -Muscle Aquarium Simulator-” HIGHLIGHTS

“Machorium -Muscle Aquarium Simulator-” is a game inspired by aquarium simulators. Players can customize their aquariums to their liking and create their favorite setups.

In “Machorium -Muscle Aquarium Simulator-“, players can customize their aquariums as they wish while floating various virtual muscular figures in place of traditional fish.

“Machorium -Muscle Aquarium Simulator-” features a picture-in-picture function that allows the screen to be displayed at all times.

Machorium is scheduled to be available in 12 languages.

The Steam page is now live! Please add the game to your wishlist to receive notifications about the release as soon as possible!