Nexus: Nebula Echoes Official Launch on June 24th


Nexus: Nebula Echoes is set to officially launch on June 24th. Players are invited to join this adventure in a captivating cyber fantasy world. To support rapid player growth, ten exciting events will be hosted at the same time.

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Nexus: Nebula Echoes Server Opening Times:

  • ASIA: June 24, 2024, 19:00 [UTC+8]
  • EUR: June 24, 2024, 13:00 [UTC+2]
  • USA: June 24, 2024, 07:00 [UTC-4]
Nexus: Nebula Echoes

Nexus: Nebula Echoes Event Details

Event 1: Login for Seven Days to Get an A-Grade Pet

Players can receive cool appearances, top-tier mounts, and customized titles simply by logging in. By completing 7 days of login, players can claim an A-grade pet, the Puppet Beast Girl, for free. Additionally, staying online daily will yield generous rewards from the [Benefit – Online Rewards] event.

Event 2: Limited Grand Packs Await

Upgrading will reward players with levelling packs; the higher the level, the more generous the rewards. Some rewards are limited in quantity across all servers, so early claims are essential.

Event 3: Character Collection for Gifts

The Character Collection for Gifts event is now available. Through idle farming, players have a chance to obtain character collection items and redeem various rare rewards. Daily participation ensures daily rewards.

Event 4: Obtain Super Powerful Skills for Free

To quickly enhance players’ strength, five powerful scrolls have been unlocked. In the “New Server Goals – Heavenly Tome Scroll” event, players can claim rewards for completing tasks. Upon completing all the scrolls, ultra-powerful scroll skills await, offering great value.

Event 5: Three-day Consecutive First Top-up Rewards

Players will receive advanced limited mythic weapons and skins from their first top-up. The three-day extravagant rewards include clothing, hairstyles, backwear, and bubble items, making players stand out from the crowd.

Nexus: Nebula Echoes

Event 6: Seven Privileges to Propel Players to Great Heights

These seven privileges retain their value indefinitely. Exclusive logos, discount shops, improved crafting probabilities, increased drop rates, and more will give players an edge in PK, levelling up and enhancing CP.

Event 7: $0 Big Pack

The “Timed Offer—$0 Pack” event allows players to purchase a gift pack and receive all the rewards, along with a full refund of the colored diamonds used for the pack.

Event 8: Tenfold Rebates Await

By investing in the “Investment Plan,” players receive immediate returns. Additional red diamonds can be claimed for every level upgraded, with up to tenfold red diamond rebates available.

Event 9: Limited-Time Discounted Pack

Limited-time offers of valuable mercenary supplies will be available in-game. Various packs of development materials are designed to help players grow quickly. Time-limited discounts should not be missed.

Event 10: Grand Gifts for Accumulated Recharges

Accumulating a certain amount of colored diamonds within seven days of the server opening will allow players to receive luxurious gifts. These include rare treasures, Mythic necklaces, Mythic earrings, stunning skins, precious AI girls, and mounts.

Nexus: Nebula Echoes
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