High School Fleet mobile game launches pre-registration; New anime coming too!

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TV anime High School Fleet has already launched pre-registration for its first mobile spin-off, High School Fleet: Kantai Battle de Pinch! (ハイスクール・フリート 艦隊バトルでピンチ!).

High School Fleet

Supervised by the anime’s creator Takaaki Suzuki, the game is a sea battle game featuring a wide collection of high school girl crews and ships. Players are able to edit their teams freely with characters both new and old to fans. There are eight new characters introduced in the game trailer.

A 2016 anime series, High School Fleet is set in a post war Japan. A large portion Japan is sunk into the ocean 100 years after the Russo–Japanese War. People are forced to live on water. Akeno Misaki at Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School is studying to be a Blue Mermaid that safeguards the marine world. She is the captain of a destroyer named Harekaze. Leading her classmates, she sets off a journey full of danger.

Aside the pre-registration campaign, High School Fleet also announced that a new anime movie is in planning. No concrete details are available at the moment.

High School Fleet: Kantai Battle de Pinch! is coming in 2018.


The characters below are fresh faces exclusive to the game.

High School Fleet

Left to right:

■ Oosashi Noriko (CV: Aya Saito)
■ Yamabe Ayumi (CV: Nozomi Yamamoto)
■ Takahashi Chika (CV: Asami Seto)
■ Kato Sayuri (CV: Eri Inagawa)

High School Fleet

Left to right:

■ Otani Yumiko (CV: Yoshino Aoyama)
■ Nagasawa Kimie (CV: Rie Takahashi)
■ Sakakibara Tsumugi (CV: Asuka Nishi)
■ Kamo Tsutsuji (CV: Yuko Iida)


High School Fleet

10,000: Revival item x5
30,000: Mermaid Jewel x500
50,000: Mermaid Jewel x750
70,000: Mermaid Jewel x1000
100,000: Mermaid Jewel x1500
150,000: ★4 guaranteed ticket
170,000: Upgrade materials set
200,000: ★5 character

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