Princess Principal will get 6 sequel movies in 2019

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During Princess Principal’s (プリンセス・プリンシパル) special event “Princess Principal Stage of Mission” yesterday, the 2017 TV anime announced six sequel movies for release in 2019.

Although the announcement video contains no new scenes, there is already a sequel visual to show the five main heroines, Princess, Angie, Beatrix, Chise, Dorothy, in action.

Princess Principal

Princess Principal is an original anime about five school girls – with one being a princess – living a secret life of secret agents in the nineteenth-century London. The production crew consists of Code Geass’ writer Ichirou Ookouchi and Kino’s Journey’s character designer Kouhaku Kuroboshi.

Princess Principa

Princess Principa


Angie: Ayaka Imamura
Princess: Akira Sekine
Dorothy: Yo Taichi
Beatrice: Akari Kageyama
Todo Chise: Nozomi Furuki

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