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Bandai Namco’s latest Digimon mobile title, Digimon ReArise, is out! Whether you’re a Digimon fan or not, here are a few things that you might find helpful when starting out on this new Digimon adventure!

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Reset Marathon & Recommended Characters
Bind Account
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Reset Marathon

Good Luck, ’cause you’ll seriously need it. The summon rates in Digimon ReArise for an Ultimate Digimon with the ability to evolve into a Mega is insanely low. These Digimons will be what you want to get in your first summons. Your best bet for one is from War Garurumon in the Launch Special Gacha, but even there, the chance is only at 1%. Asides from WereGarurumon, below are a few other Digimons known to be able to evolve to the Mega stage.

First Summon Recommendations:

■ Weregarurumon
■ Andromon
■ Vademon
■ BlackKingNumemon
■ Jyureimon
■ Monzaemon
■ Mamemon

If you’re not dead set on getting an Ultimate from the first summon, you might want to at least make sure you get a Champion or a Rookie that can eventually evolve into a Mega, something like Gabumon. If you do, just be aware that the evolution route is tied to each individual Digimon you get, meaning, even if you have 2 Agumon, it doesn’t mean they’ll both eventually evolve into MetalGreymon. So be sure to check!

How to Check Evolution Route

■ During Summon

Before what you summon is revealed to you, the game shows what the Digimon can potentially evolve into, but to do this you have to watch every single summon individually without skipping. If that’s what you’re into, that is how you can tell. If you’re in it for the speed, just skip and at the final results page you can simply tap each Digimon individually and check their evolution route.

Alternatively, you can check back in the main menu

Account Bind

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■ Bind to SNS

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Account Transfer

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