QooApp Weekly is Back! New and Revamped!

Mr. Qoo

QooApp Weekly is back! The new and revamped version will bring a highlight of some of the hottest news announced during the week as well as a brief look into new games released and more!

This Week’s News:

■ Overlord III PV & Mobile Game Adaptation:

As the third season is about to air, Kadokawa released a new PV for Overlord’s TV anime series! The new PV shows Gazef Stronoff challenging Ains Ooal Gown. Season three of Overlord airs on 7th July in Japan. Additionally, a mobile game adaptation for the series titled Overlord Mass for the Dead has also been announced! pre-registration for the game is already available

Overlord III PV
Overlord Mass of the Dead

■ LovePlus Every Coming in August!

LovePlus Every

After a number of delays, Konami announced that the mobile LovePlus title, LovePlus Every, will be ready for players in August. The game will feature the same three heroines, but they will appear in different styles.

Find out more here.

■ KonoSuba Movie in Progress

Last year, the TV anime series KonoSuba annouced a mysterious project on a radio show in Japan. This week they finally revealed that the mystery project will be an anime movie for the series!

Read more here.

New Games Released

■ Digimon ReArise

digimon rearise

If you’re a Digimon fan and you have been dying for this game to be released, you, like many others, may be very disappointed. Digimon ReArise, aptly named for what it is, is a revival of all the old mobile Digimon titles. Taking in the best parts and the worst parts, you can really say they have “Re-Arised” (lol). Following Bandai Namco’s trend of pretty much not caring about the gameplay, coupled with the fact that none of the previous games were known to have great gameplay, ReArise is disastrous combination of needlessly long farming just to evolve your rookie Digimon to a champion.

If you want to play a Digimon mobile game, then Digimon Linkz would be your best choice.

■ Abyss Horizon

Abyss Horizon

Another Chinese developed fleet girl mobile title, this time with incredibly well made 3D models that help bring the fully voiced characters to life. Abyss Horizon features a variety of different gameplay which makes the game stand out just a little from other games in the genre. The core of the game is still very similar to other games with “fleet girls”, so asides from the 3D models, there isn’t really much of a reason for players to jump from what they’re already playing to Abyss Horizon. Of course, nothing is going to stop you if you really want to play all the mobile games with fleet girls…

■ Yo-Kai Watch World

妖怪手錶 World

A massively popular IP powered with new features from Google, Yo-Kai Watch World seems to be heading in a great direction, but like many Japanese location-based games, the game was only made to cater to Japanese players. whilst players overseas can still somewhat run the game, but there really isn’t anything you can do with the game as of this moment.

QooApp Events

■ QooApp World Cup Fever!

New questions for our World Cup 2018 even has been announced! Be sure you answer all the questions for a chance to take home some special prizes! To join the event, simply tap on the banner seen above in the front page of QooApp (app version)!

■ Yumenikki 14th Anniversary Giveaway


In celebration of Yumenikki’s 14th Anniversary, a remake of the classic horror RPG was released earlier this year. If you’re interested in playing (or even re-playing) this classic, QooApp is giving out 3 Steam codes for the game, for free!

Find out more here.

Now or Never:

Now or Never is really just what it sounds like. In this section, we will be highlighting games that has just had their game service termination announced.

■ Trinity Master
■ Arslan Senki Senshi no Skikaku
■ Archeage Begins (… lol irony much?)
■ Terra Battle 2
■ Augmented Reality Girls Trinary

Video? Let us know if you’ll enjoy QooApp Weekly more with its own video version!

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