Abyss Horizon: Re-Rolling Basics

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So many ship girls to collect! With that being said, it’s hard to come by powerful ones early in-game without having to spend some cash. If you’re looking to building a strong fleet or finding your special ship girl, keep reading ahead. This guide will cover the most optimal way to re-roll in Abyss Horizon (アビス・ホライズン).

The Process of Re-Rolling

Abyss Horizon

Re-Rolling in Abyss Horizon may take quite a bit of time because you will need to re-download the game every few tries. If you’re currently not connected to a stable wi-fi connection, each re-roll session may take a while to complete. It’s estimated that each session may take about 15-20 minutes depending on your current connection speed. If you have a stable connection and are ready to move forward, here are the basics!

1. Install Abyss Horizon
2. Complete the Tutorial
3. Complete Chapter A 100% with an all mission S-Rank
4. Complete the Construction Tutorial
5. From the Home Menu, collect all items from the Event, Mail, and Shop tabs located on the right side
6. Once all items have been collected, purchase “鬼艦装甲設計図” for 120 gems from the shop
7. Perform as many Special Construction and Large Constructions as possible
8. If unsuccessful, join a different server or reinstall (after re-rolling on all servers) and repeat steps 2-7.

Why Complete Chapter A with 100% S-Rank?

Abyss Horizon

Completing Chapter A with a 100% S-Ranking is essential to be able to roll the gacha (construction). Completing with all six missions with an S-Rank will reward you with 100 diamonds, enough to purchase “鬼艦装甲設計図” which costs 120 gems, and it will allow you one chance at the Special Construction gacha.

Abyss Horizon

Once Chapter A has been completed, you’ll be able to navigate freely through the Home menu. At the Home menu, make sure to collect all your rewards from the Event, Mail, and Shop tabs located on the right side of the screen. You will see a red checkmark appear next to the icons if you have any rewards available to collect.

Once you have collected all rewards and purchased the special construction ticket (鬼艦装甲設計図), proceed to performing as many large and special constructions using speed up tickets to fast forward the gacha! Remember that large construction requires one construction ticket and 400 steel while special gacha requires one special construction ticket and 400 steel to use.

Switching Servers

Abyss Horizon

Before you head off to re-download the application, remember that you can switch servers and try re-rolling again using the same method! You can create a new profile once per server until you re-install the application and restart re-rolling. There are currently three active servers, which leaves three chances to re-roll before reinstalling the application.


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