New Grimms Notes The Animation PV Reveals 10th Jan Air Date!

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The anime adaptation of Square Enix’s Grimms Notes has released a new PV revealing that the series will air in Japan on 10th January 2019.

Second PV

About the series

In a world where everyone’s fate is predetermined in a book of faith at birth, the protagonist エクス is born with a blank book of faith. Together with those who also were born with blank books of faith, エクス embarks on a journey to find his purpose.


● エクス – CV: 逢坂良太


● レイナ – CV: 上田麗奈


● タオ – CV: 江口拓也


● シェイン(CV:久保田未夢


● ロキ – CV: 水島大宙

● カーリー – CV: 上坂すみれ

About the Game

Grimms Notes is one of Square Enix’s hit mobile RPG title. The game is set in a world where everyone’s destiny is predetermined by the script. At birth, everyone is born with a Book of Fate which records the person’s entire life. In this world where everything is predetermined, the protagonist is born with a blank Book of Fate, set to face an unknown destiny…

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