Grimm Echoes Now Available for Download

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Today (27th March), Square Enix launched the pre-load for their highly-anticipated mobile title, Grimm Echoes! The servers are now open!

Grimm Echoes

In the released pre-load version of the game, players will be able to play through the initial tutorial and summon their first 10x Summon.

First Character:

During the tutorial, players will be given three options for their first hero.

■ Option 1: Aladdin – Striker

■ Option 2: Dorothy – Defender

■ Option 3: Clock Rabbit – Magician

First 10x Summon:

When you finally reach the giant door in the first zone, players will be teleported to the Library where they will meet Jibril (ジブリール). Here, Players will have to walk up and talk to her. Selecting the third option for both prompts will allow players to continue with the tutorial.

After Limit Breaking the starting character, players will be able to do their first 10x summon. 4★ Characters are not guaranteed in this roll.

QooApp’s Getting Started Guide for Grimm Echoes will be coming out soon~

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