Discover the Dinosaur! TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! Now Available for Download

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Developed by oridio Inc, mobile game TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! (ボクと博物館 〜恐竜の化石を発掘しよう〜) is now available for download. With adorable visuals and simple gameplay, the healing game allows you to excavate dinosaur fossils and create your own museum.


As the curator of a deserted museum, you are responsible to bring the museum back to life. You have to create a unique and fun exhibition to attract visitors, through solving puzzles and excavating dinosaur fossils.


During the excavation, players have to dig out the fossils in the hidden blocks and the excavation move is limited in every game stage. Also, players can invest the tools and hire workers for excavation by receiving the admission fee of the museum.


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