First Official Dr. Stone PV Revealed

Mr. Qoo

The first official PV for Boichi’s Dr. Stone has finally been released by Toho animation today (21st June)!

In the newly released PV, the OP for the series “Good Morning World!” performed by Burnout Syndrome is used.

Dr. Stone is set to air on 5th July on Tokyo MX. Additionally, the first 12 minutes of the pilot episode is set to stream on YouTube on 1st July.

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About the series


Dr. Stone is a manga series created by Riichiro Inagaki (稲垣 理一郎) and illustrated by Boichi. The series is set in a world where everyone on earth was mysteriously petrified, leading to the fall of civilization. After years of petrification, Senku, a science-loving genius miraculously break free from petrification and sets off to rebuild civilization.

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