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Fashion Simulation Game "Alice Closet" Officially Launches!

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Based on the original design of Shōjo Mangaka Arina Tanemura (種村有菜), DMM GAMES’ fashion simulation game “Alice Closet” (アリスクローゼット) officially launches today (30th August).

Alice Closet 下載


The game is set in a mysterious world called “Wonderland”, where beautiful dolls (Alice) can move like actual humans. You accidentally drop into this world and try to find your way back home with young man, Shiki (シキ).

According to Shiki (シキ), Alice may hold the key for you to go home and encourage you to be the master of Alice. As the only way to nurture Alice is to dress them up with beautiful clothes, you decide to join the fashion competition in Wonderland and compete with other masters.

However, a peculiar phenomenon named the “Roaring Blossom” starts to endanger every Alice and what will your journey go?

Game System

Players can follow the story of the protagonist and dress up your dolls with different clothes and accessories. A good fashion coordination will raise up your points in the fashion competition, where you can win rare items.

Alice Closet 下載

Alice Closet 下載

Different characters will interact with players through messages and fully-voiced phone calls.

Alice Closet 下載

Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the pre-registration reaches 180,000, the newly designed costumes by Arina Tanemura will be presented to all players, who finished Part 10 of the First Chapter.

Alice Closet 下載

Alice Closet 下載


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