“Palette Parade Re:Parade” Otome ADV Coming on July 16! Pre-registration Opens!

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Claytechworks announced a new otome ADV “Palette Parade Re:Parade” (パレットパレード リパレード) based on the smartphone game “Palette Parade” (パレットパレード), which launched on 19th September 2019. The new game is set to release on 16th July 2020 for iOS and Android devices and now opens for pre-registration.


The new ADV game follows the same settings of “Palette Parade”, which centers on the historical artists, including Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci. Players will be able to have a deeper understanding of the historical figures following the game’s lyrical description of their struggles and dark side as an artist.

Each route has two characters and each character will have 2 endings, Happy and Bad. A special voice recording will also be featured at the end. The game will also update more artists in the near future. Players can also learn the relationship among the artists in the buddy stories.

Pre-registration Rewards

Players can now pre-register the game via mail, following the Official Twitter or adding LINE friends. The pre-registration rewards are as follows:

1,000:Coin × 2,000
1,500:Gacha Point x 150
2,000:Waffle Ice×2
2,500:Gacha Point × 200
3,000:Coin × 4000
3,500:Room × 5
4,000:Narikiri Cameron(Avatar)
5,000:Gacha Point × 250
6,000:Atelier+1× 5
7,000:Coin × 8000
8,000:Waffle Ice × 3
9,000:Story Ticket × 2
10,000:Narikiri Curator(Avatar)

Official Site

Official Twitter

パレットパレード Palette Parade パレットパレード Claytechworks Co. Ltd. 3.9 Moreパレットパレード Re:Parade Palette Parade Re:Parade パレットパレード Re:Parade Claytechworks Co. Ltd. Release Date: July 2020 Pre-register
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