Touken Ranbu Introduces New Sword Kyōgoku Masamune in “Edo Castle Infiltration Investigation” Event from August 1


Touken Ranbu Online has introduced a new sword Kyōgoku Masamune (CV: Yuki Sakakihara) in its recent “Edo Castle Infiltration Investigation” starting August 1. In addition to the new Touken Danshi, this adventure lets players collect keys and unlock treasure chests to obtain a whole host of rewards.

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“Edo Castle Infiltration Investigation” Event

In the Edo Castle Infiltration Investigation event, players navigate within the Edo castle to collect keys and unlock treasure chests within the treasury. Keys can be obtained by defeating enemy units or marching onto key squares. By unlocking chests with the collected keys, players can get various rewards, including the new sword, Kyōgoku Masamune.

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In addition, players can also acquire other Touken Danshi like Monoyoshi Sadamune, Hyūga Masamune, Nikkou Ichimonji, and Himetsuru Ichimonji from the treasure chests.

The event runs from August 1 until August 16, and the period for opening treasure chests extends until August 22.

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During the event, defeating bosses with Monoyoshi Sadamune in the field will reward you with an additional key as a reward.

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“Edo Castle Infiltration Investigation” Special Handy Items

During the event, special handy items for a more advantageous progression of the event are being sold. The sale of the Investigation Tools Set and Umeboshi extends from August 1 until August 16, and the sale of the Treasure Chest Initialization Warrant extends until August 22.

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About Kyōgoku Masamune

The newest Touken Danshi joining the lineup is Kyōgoku Masamune, voiced by Yuki Sakakihara. Following the maintenance update on August 1, players can earn this new swordsman as a reward in the “Edo Castle Infiltration Investigation” event.

Kyōgoku Masamune is a unique tantō treasured by the Kyōgoku clan, a family descended from the Omi Genji. The Kyōgoku Masamune, a prized relic of the family, is said to epitomize the art of Japanese sword-making, with Masamune’s name often considered synonymous with Japanese swords. This short sword is one of the rare confirmed works by Masamune, lending an air of rarity and prestige to its bearing.

As a character, Kyōgoku Masamune is likened to a deeply cultured rose, embodying the power and nobility of its real-life counterpart. Masamune seeks to fulfill his duty and demonstrate the full extent of his capability. This characteristic is metaphorically depicted as a rose, blooming in strength and nobility.

The real-life sword that Kyōgoku Masamune represents is a historic artifact, a short sword named Masamune. This sword, which is approximately 23 centimeters long, was once a royal treasure and is currently held at the Three Palace Sanctuaries. This rare masterpiece was owned by the Kyōgoku family, which is how it got its name.

Among the swords crafted by Masamune, only four confirmed works exist, with this being one of them. During the Meiji period, when debates were raging about the existence of Masamune, this particular sword was hidden away and its existence remained unknown to the world. Once its existence was revealed, it earned the nickname Azen Masamune, reflecting the awe it inspires.

Kyōgoku Masamune’s character design features motifs of roses scattered throughout, which could be a clever play on the word Kyōgoku, a variety of roses.

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