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HoYoverse finally brings the long-awaited nation of Fontaine to Genshin Impact following the update of version 4.0 “As Light Rain Falls Without Reason” which is scheduled for release on August 16. The update marks the dawn of Teyvat’s fifth nation, Fontaine, a region known as a center of culture, art, and technology.

Positioned northeast of the Sumeru desert, Fontaine is also known as the Nation of Justice under the dominion of the Hydro Archon Focalor, the God of Justice. This new chapter in the world of Genshin Impact offers players a blend of fresh adventures, gameplay modes, stories, and an introduction to three new playable characters, Lyney, Lynette, and Freminet.

Alongside exploring the vibrant city, players will also get to delve into an underwater quest, a first for the game, providing an exciting departure from the usual terrains.

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Genshin Impact Ver. 4.0 New Nation – Fontaine

Situated northeast of the Sumeru desert, Fontaine now falls under the authority of Focalors, the Hydro Archon, and God of Justice. Her influence is deeply felt throughout the city, with trials becoming notable public events held at the Opera Epiclese. This venue is also the stage for diverse performances, from magical acts to farces and tragedies.

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The next chapter of the Archon Quest unravels in Fontaine, where players will have the opportunity to observe a remarkable magic show by characters Lyney and Lynette and witness an intriguing trial.

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Fontaine, a nation ensconced by water, presents players with unique underwater explorations in specific regions. Thanks to a special blessing, players are enabled to stay underwater indefinitely without needing oxygen. Instead, the gameplay introduces a new mechanic: Aquatic Stamina, which is consumed while sprinting underwater.

Players can replenish this stamina by collecting Recovery Orbs or boost their speed using Turbulent Bubbles. Underwater combat has also been diversified with different strategies and techniques. Players can even assimilate abilities from unique aquatic creatures to guard themselves, neutralize traps, and recover treasures hidden by seaweed.

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Genshin Impact Ver. 4.0 – Characters and Event Wishes

In the upcoming Genshin Impact 4.0 version, Fontaine will introduce its first three playable characters, who happen to be siblings. The eldest, Lyney, is a well-known magician within Fontaine and a Pyro five-star archer. He demonstrates an ability to perform Pyro magic tricks, morph into a Grin-Malkin Cat, and unleash fireworks during combat.

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Accompanying him is his younger sister and faithful assistant, Lynette, who enters the game as a four-star Anemo sword user. Lynette possesses a deceivingly unassuming approach, with an alarming speed that can catch enemies off guard. Players above Adventure Rank 25 will be able to get her for free in the seasonal event that will come with the update.

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Rounding out the sibling trio is Freminet, the youngest of the three and a remarkable diver. Freminet makes her entrance as a four-star Cryo Claymore user, skilled in utilizing the high-pressured Pers to launch Cryo and Physical attacks.

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In version 4.0, players can expect Lyney, Lynette, and Yelan to be featured during the initial phase of the version’s Event Wishes. The subsequent phase will feature reruns for Zhongli and Tartaglia, along with Freminet’s debut.

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Genshin Impact Ver. 4.0 – New Bosses

In Fontaine, players can also expect to face new boss challenges. The first boss encounter, Icewind Suite, is a testament to Fontaine’s renowned clockwork technology and artistry. This challenge features a pair of mechanized dancers. Players have the liberty to select one of two themes, and the mechanical duo responds with elegantly coordinated yet deadly Cryo attacks that draw inspiration from figure skating and dance routines.

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The next boss resides in an underwater cavern. The Armored Crablord, known as Emperor of Fire and Iron, this boss enemy is not only equipped with the defensive capabilities of a resilient iron crab but also wields brutal Pyro attacks launched from its organic mechanisms.

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Genshin Impact Ver. 4.0 – Events & Rewards

With Version 4.0 update, players can expect a wealth of new content, events, and rewards. The latest region is steeped in magic and artistry, to diverse events including combat challenges, and photography quests. The Ley Line Overflow event will also make a comeback later in the version.

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Fontaine introduces a new cultural event for players with a focus on clockwork craftsmanship. The key highlight is the Mega Meka Melee event where players participate in three unique experiments to gather information about Fontaine’s Champion Duelists.

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The first experiment involves parkour gameplay in Fontaine’s underwater areas. Players will need to pass through Turbulent Rings while dodging obstacles.

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The second experiment takes players to Fontaine’s wilderness for combat against various opponents, including Clockwork Meka.

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The third experiment features rhythm gameplay where players control a Bennett-inspired Toy Adventurer following music beats.

Players who participate will be rewarded with the Enigmatic Copper Mainspring event currency, which can be exchanged for various items and to get the four-star Piro sword character, Bennet, as a reward.

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Another event, Relic Records: Creations of the Hydro Nation, encourages exploration of Fontaine by collecting local specialties or defeating specific opponents. Target indicators are provided to assist players in their tasks.

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QooApp Genshin Impact V4.0 45

Version 4.0 also introduces a photography event, Studies in Light and Shadow: A Fontaine of Enchantment, to familiarize players with Fontaine’s scenery and creatures. For those struggling to locate specific subjects, recommended spots will be provided on the event page.

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The combat challenge, Verdict of Blades, where players can utilize a unique Blade Mirage mechanism to assist them in combat, is also coming with the version. The event caters to various skill levels, inviting confident players to test their abilities in higher-difficulty challenges.

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Genshin Impact Ver. 4.0 – Weapons and Artifacts

A significant addition in version 4.0 is 12 new weapons. These weapons include Forgeable Weapons, Battle Pass Weapons, and special weapons available from fishing vendors. Five Forgeable Weapons’ blueprints can be exchanged at Estelle’s smithy in Fontaine.

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Five new 4-star Battle Pass Weapons are added to the BP Bounty, alongside existing ones, providing a total of 10 options for players.

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Two new artifact sets, Marechaussee Hunter and Golden Troupe, which can be acquired through challenges in the new Domain of Blessing: Denouement of Sin, will be added.

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Genshin Impact Ver. 4.0 – New Features

With the release of version 4.0, Genshin Impact will roll out an array of new functions and features aimed at improving the overall experience. Enhancements such as Global Illumination (GI), support for motion sensors (Gyroscope), and accelerated loading times on PlayStation consoles will significantly upgrade the graphics, controls, and immersion of the game. These advancements are designed to capitalize on the sense of time and space within the game.

Additionally, developers have implemented other optimizations, including a multi-layered map and new backgrounds and animations for Party Setup. These are intended to provide players with practical and interesting details in their adventures.

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Genshin Impact Art Exhibition

Genshin Impact has also announced the launch of its official global art exhibition, Endless Adventure in Teyvat: Fontaine Edition. The exhibition will premiere in New York, Paris, Taipei, and Tokyo starting August 19, before it becomes accessible online in 15 languages to a worldwide audience.

The exhibition is a tribute to the forthcoming release of Fontaine, Nation of Justice renowned for its convergence of culture, art, and technology. It offers visitors an insider view of the philosophies and procedures that went into shaping every facet of Fontaine. With over 60 concept sketches and 30+ concept art illustrations on display, attendees will gain insights into the artistic fusion of water elements, gears, and clockwork with the Baroque style that crafted the architecture, along with the inspiration drawn from Europe’s awe-inspiring mountains and natural landscapes to design an enchanting underwater area.

The exhibition will also feature life-size models and miniatures that represent in-game content. Moreover, music enthusiasts can look forward to the full scores for Fontaine’s main theme and battle music being unveiled.

The Genshin Impact Art Exhibition will showcase derivative work and fan art from over 40 artists and content creators, including illustrator and graphic artist Solène Debiès, sumi-e artist Yu-Ki Nishimoto, artist Yuzhi Zhou, and contemporary painter Maxence Ma.

The Endless Adventure in Teyvat: Fontaine Edition exhibition will open its doors on August 19 at selected venues in Paris, New York, Taipei, and Tokyo. Entry is free, though pre-registration online is highly advised. Further details regarding the online exhibition, available in 15 languages, will be disclosed at a later date.

  • August 19 – 27 in Paris at Galerie Joseph Saint Merri, 5 Rue Saint-Merri, 75004 Paris
  • August 19 – 27 in New York at Moonlight Studios, 330 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013
  • August 19 – 27 in Taipei at No. 133, Guangfu S Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City
  • August 19 – 27 in Tokyo at 1-chōme-11-6 Jingūmae Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001

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