5 Mobile Games with Original Waifus to Collect

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You came for waifu, so waifu is what this will be all about, no bs. Here are 5 mobile games (that supports English) that combine gameplay with collecting original mobile waifus (not waifus from manga/anime series).

Azur Lane

Azur Lane is by no means a unique game with innovative gameplay or anything, but they have good waifus! Originally a Chinese game released in 2017, the game boasts graceful Japanese anime-style illustrations, capturing the hearts of gamers. Later in the same year, the game launched its Japanese localized version, which quickly swept the Japanese market by storm.

Of course, the game’s popularity did not go unnoticed by rivals, namely DMM’s KanColle, who issued a public warning in 2018 over Azur Lane’s use of “艦娘” KanMusume (Fleet Girls), a term which DMM filed for a trademark in 2014. Azur Lane promptly issued a public apology and changed all related use of KanMusume to “戦艦少女” (Battleship Girls). This has not stopped the game’s popularity at all.

Honkai Impact 3rd

One of the better ARPGs on mobile made better with the fact that it’s filled with waifus. Differentiating itself from the other games on this list, Honkai Impact 3rd doesn’t flood your eyes with different characters, instead, the game features only a handful of characters, but offers different looks and battlesuits for you to obtain. Each battlesuit gives your waifu a new look!

The animations of this game are very well made. Every action looks great, from simple movement to the eye-capturing special moves makes playing the game an absolute visual joy. Each character has a deep back story that allows you to really get attached to your favorite waifu in the game. Seriously, check out the gameplay for the new open-world mode!

Iron Saga

It’s hard to put a finger on just what exactly Iron Saga is. Sitting somewhere between a waifu collector and a mecha collector, the game not only features waifus but also awesome mechas. One can say this really is a man’s romance.

Iron Saga’s gameplay is something that requires a somewhat peculiar taste. The game, like most mobile games, offers a full auto-combat which works well enough, and the ARPG/Arcade shooter gameplay works… but it does leave you wanting more from the gameplay. Similarly, the mechas are somewhat customizable but again, it leaves you wanting more which is a shame because the character and mecha designs in the game are incredibly great.

Just from the character designs, Iron Saga is a game that’s worth playing. The game is quite free-to-play friendly, and if you’re looking to just jump into a game and collect waifus, Iron Saga is worth a shot!

Destiny Child

Unlike the other games mentioned in this list, Destiny Child does feature prominent male characters. But just the sheer number of waifus you can get in Destiny Child outweighs the chance of getting a dude.

If you’ve followed any sort of news for this game, then there isn’t much to add. The game sells characters and it does it well. the characters look great when you first obtain them and after upgrading them enough, you can unlock new looks. Even seemingly non-waifu characters may eventually get a waifu-worthy skin. It is definitely… eye-opening to say the least. So if you’re looking for waifu, you can definitely find one here.

(L: Skin        R: Before Skin)


Not exactly a pure waifu game. Some of the best units in Arknights are Husbandos, but regardless, there are some great waifus here. The general design direction of the characters is very anime-like but still has a subtle difference that makes it stand out from Japanese anime-style waifu games.

A word of warning if you do jump into Arknights, the game is really heavy on the farming required. There is a lot to do in the game, and it’s not especially the most auto-friendly. The general gameplay is also a lot slower than most mobile games, but if you’re into tower defenses, Arknight delivers a very hardcore gameplay for you to get into. In harder content, each one of your squad has to serve a specific purpose.

If all you want to do is to collect waifus and watch them fight, Arknight might give you a bit of a fright in the beginning, but once you get used to it, it will definitely “spark joy”, so give it a little bit of time before you decide whether or not you uninstall this game for more space.

Agree? Disagree? Share with us your favorite mobile game waifu in the comments.

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