[Qoo News] Lineage W Global Release Date Confirmed on November 4


NCSOFT announced that its upcoming multi-platform MMORPG, Lineage W, will launch simultaneously in 13 countries and regions on November 4.


The 13 countries and regions include Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Lineage W will also expand service regions afterward to North America, South America, and Europe as well.

Global pre-registration for Lineage W, which crossed the 10 million milestone, is currently available on the official website, Google Play, and App Store.

The official website is also updated with additional information on four classes — Monarch, Knight, Elf, and Magician. A Character Name Reservation is currently held on the Event Page, where you create your character name and class in advance before the game officially launches.


About Lineage W

Lineage W features a dark fantasy world presented with full 3D graphics and a battle system succeeding the originality of Lineage IP. The immersive storylines and diverse narratives are also the highlights.

The game is created specifically for the global market to create “a global battle community”. Players from different countries can cooperate and compete on a single server. It also supports “AI translation” enabling real-time communication among players speaking different languages, “Voice-to-text” function converting speech to text.

Lineage W also supports cross-platform play between mobile and PC through NCSOFT’s cross-play service PURPLE. Nexon also reveals plans for cross-play on consoles, including PlayStation5 and Nintendo Switch.



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