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Genshin Impact Guide: How to Build Hu Tao

Genshin Impact has a lot of characters to choose from, and it also means that there are various team combinations to suit your different needs. This is a QooApp’s guide on how to build Hu Tao, one of the most popular characters who returns in a recent banner of 2.2 Update.

A good team build allows us to assess whether Hu Tao is useful in current game content. In this guide, however, we won’t be including 5-star gacha weapons, and 5-star characters, which is difficult to obtained for beginners.

Genshin Impact Guide: How to Build Hu Tao


■ About Hu Tao
■ Recommended Party Members 
■ Best Weapon 
■ Best Artifacts

About Hu Tao

As one of the strongest DPS units in Genshin Impact, Hu Tao can deal large damage in a short period of time. Hu Tao’s Elemental Skill sacrifices her HP to get ATK boosts. Her Elemental Burst also heals herself while dealing wide area damage.

But as her true value only shows when her HP gets below 50% (to deal more damage), there is a risk to overthrow your whole team if you don’t manage her health well. When considering possible builds for Hu Tao, there’s almost no room for error when it comes to her HP, considering that the revival items can only be utilized once each 120 seconds.

Recommended Party Members

Bennett may be an unlucky adventurer, he is indeed extremely vital for the team build of Hu Tao! Bennett has the ability, Fantastic Voyage, where he plunges into the ground and creates a circular buff area. Anyone inside the circle can receive healing until their HP recovers to 70%, as well as some buffs.

The only downside is that Bennett will heal past Hu Tao’s required 50% threshold. But other than that, he’s a solid/ easily obtained option to maintain HP for your team. But be aware not to awaken his C6 Constellation, his potential as a support unit greatly decreases.

Xingqiu’s Guhua Swords keep Hu Tao’s HP in check, as they will constantly recover her HP, even when you put him in sub. Thanks to Xingqiu’s Hydro Vision, you can create combo attacks with the Vaporize reaction, and boost Hu Tao’s damage output. Just remember to utilize his skills frequently.

Noelle or Xinyan
Noelle is a useful tank unit who can create a shield to protect Hu Tao in battles. The same rules apply to Xinyan, who can also create a Pyro shield with her abilities.

Though they have similar abilities, Xinyan is preferred over Noelle. With Xinyan in the party, you can activate the Fervent Flames resonance, which increases Hu Tao’s ATK further by 25%.

As one of the best Anemo characters in Genshin Impact, Sucrose can boost the Elemental Reactions of Hu Tao. Her skill can be used multiple times before cooldown, and her Special Ability deals wide area AOE damage to all enemies, making her ideal for crowd control.

Kaeya can be easily obtained after clearing the story quests. The idea is to use Kaeya as a damage complement to Hu Tao. He can create an ice swirl to react with Hu Tao’s Pyro damage, triggering Melt. The Melt effect can trigger up to 90000 damage, if done correctly.

Best Weapon

If you find it hard to get Hu Tao’s preferred weapon, The Staff of Homa, Dragon’s Bane is a good replacement. The Dragon’s Bane staff is capable of giving Hu Tao a good stat bulk, which allows her to deal decent damage against enemies.

It’s unfortunate that there exist no free staves that can grant Critical Damage or Critical Rate, which are pretty good stats for Hu Tao, but the Dragon’s Bane can be a nice, suitable replacement.

Best Artifacts

Assembling Artifacts is the trickiest part for character builds when each set of Artifacts has a multitude of effects. For Hu Tao, we highly recommend you to use the Crimson Witch of Flames set.

You can obtain this Artifact set by challenging the Hidden Palace of Zhou dungeon. Below is an image of its location. It is recommended you craft the item, Condensed Resin, which makes your farming go quicker.

Challenge the highest levelーLV 90 can guarantee at least two 5-star versions of the Artifacts, and if you’re going to maximize the potential of Hu Tao, it is necessary to have 5-star Artifacts.

Artifacts are divided into one main stat and four sub-stats. Listing all of them would make this guide rather long, but just keep in mind the following main stats are recommended:

■ Goblets boost Elemental Damage. We’ll need Pyro DMG% for Hu Tao.

■ For Sand or Hourglass, it is recommended to have an HP stat, because the more HP she has, the wider is your margin of error in taking enemy hits.

■ For hat/crown, either Crit Rate or Crit Damage will work.

Don’t worry even if you can’t get the full set of this artifact, it is actually rather common for players to run only four pieces of a certain set, plus one free piece. We usually call that the “joker” or the “off-set”.

For example, Hu Tao could run four pieces of the Crimson Witch’s set and one piece from the Gladiator’s End set, and the former effects would still apply, as the game only requires four out of the five pieces of the set to unlock all the passive abilities.

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