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Sin Chronicle Release Date Delayed to Spring 2022

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Sega has delayed the release of its upcoming mobile RPG Sin Chronicle to spring 2022 after receiving tons of negative opinions from its closed beta test held in October.

Sin Chronicle Release Date Delayed to Spring 2022

According to a report revealed in yesterday’s Developer’s Letter Live programme, the overall gaming experience received only 65.2 satisfaction points out of 100 in the CBT questionnaire. Only 54.1% of players joining the CBT expressed that they will play the game after it officially comes out.

The game’s main story and world setting has received over 80 satisfaction points, while players give credits to the concept of “deciding your own ending” and nostalgic character design.

However, most of the gamers are unsatisfied that there are no voice-overs in the main story. There are also voices criticising the lack of strategies available in battles, and the strict time limits in online boss raid events.

In view of the opinions expressed, the developer promised to adjust the game contents, including an improved UI and graphics. Party and equipment tie-up will also add to the game to versatile the strategies available. More importantly, voices will be added in the important scene of the main story.

About Sin Chronicle

Sin Chronicle is a new RPG that was originally set to release on December 15, 2021. Created by the creative minds behind Chain Chronicle, Sin Chronicle inherits the spirits of Chain Chronicle, but follows a completely different story.

In Sin Chronicle, players will have to determine their own destiny. Every chapter, they have to make an ultimate decision that determines the route they are on and the decision can’t be retrieved. The allies that you choose joining the journey will also change your fate.

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