Tears of Themis’s A Love Poem to Skadi Event Held from January 1 to 25


From January 1 to 25, Tears of Themis will be having A Love Poem to Skadi event, taking players to a romantic overseas winter trip. Accompanied by the four male leads, players will begin a mysterious adventure and fill their Travel Diary with tons of memories!

Tears of Themis's A Love Poem to Skadi Event Held from January 1 to 25

During the event, players can obtain Tears of Themis – Love Poem, S-Chips, new Invitations, an event-exclusive badge, R rarity cards of the four male leads, as well as other luxurious rewards! Players who log in for a set number of days will also be able to obtain Tears of Themis – Limited!

A Love Poem to Skadi Event Cards

A  special Shadow of Themis will be available in the event period. A special type of currency, called Tears of Themis – Love Poem, is required for this banner, and regular Tears of Themis CANNOT be used. Furthermore, any excess Tears of Themis – Love Poem players have in their inventory will be converted into regular Tears of Themis when the event ends, and any Tears of Themis – Limited will be converted at a rate of 10 000 Stelin per item.

■ [Twinkling Eyes] Luke Pearce – CV: Yuki Kaji


■ [Wandering Heart] Artem Wing  – CV: Junichi Suwabe


■ [Blazing Colors] Vyn Richter – CV: Fukuyama Jun


■ [Daytime Aurora] Marius von Hagen – CV: Ishikawa Kaito


Complete Quests and earn R Cards and Invitations!

In the event, players can raise their Reputation Level by completing NPCs’ Daily Jobs. This will also allow them to unlock any male lead of their choice to accompany them on their abandoned manor adventure, and obtain a special R card of them!


You can also exchange for one of the following all new Invitations for free: Luke “Gracious Invitation,” Artem “Your Gaze,” Vyn “A Shared Moment,” Marius “Sharing A Drink.” for free. Furthermore, additional Invitation Cards can also be purchased at the Mall, in case you want all of the four boys on your home screen. All of the invitations feature the cast relaxing in the hot springs, and tapping them will trigger a special dialogue.


Exclusive Furniture Sets

Players who accumulate a certain amount of Total Purchase Points by making in-app purchases can obtain the “Faerie’s Gift” furniture set. It contains four furnitures, and each of them will feature a special interaction with the male cast.


Returner Event

The Returner Event “A Faerie’s Dream”  will also be available from December 28, 2021, to January 25. Players can share their returner codes with players who haven’t logged into Tears of Themis for 15 days or more and earn rewards, including some Tears of Themis – Limited, that you can use on the “A Love Poem to Skadi” Shadow of Themis.


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Tears of Themis’ A Love Poem to Skadi event will add a new banner from Jan 1 to 25. Join the four male leads with a…

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