My Hero Academia Smash Tap First Summon Character Guide

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My Hero Academia Smash Tap Re-rolling

Re-rolling in My Hero Academia Smash Tap is a fairly short process. Upon completing the basic tutorial, players will receive one free five-star character summon. If you don’t get the character you want, simply uninstall and re-install the game. Additionally, after completing the tutorials following the first summon, players can receive over 50 Hero Souls from the Present Box (one 10x Premium Summon) during the game’s Launch Celebration.

Below is the list of Characters you can get from the initial five-star summon from best to least favorable. Keep in mind, the game currently only has four natural five-stars, which can be upgraded to six-stars.

Damage Scale (weak to strong)

Izuku Midoriya (緑谷出久 (ヒーローへの憧れ)) S+ (Six-Star Upgradable)

My Hero Academia Smash Tap Midoriya Deku

Special Move:DETROIT SMASH (Cost:150)
Deal immense damage, but suffer from lowered Attack, Defense, and Speed for 10 seconds

Once per game, when receiving fatal damage, survive with 1HP remaining

A reason why Midoriya is on the top of the list is because, with just 100 Hero Medals, players can buy a three-star Izuku Midoriya. This is extremely helpful since the game features a Luck stat that can only be increased when powering up characters using characters of the same name ( Midoriya using Midoriya to power up). This may not you early on, but as you progress, the increased luck stat will increase material drop rate in dungeons. His passive is also a safety insurance which is useful in many situations.

If you don’t really care about the Luck stat, All Might is the best pick.

All Might (オールマイト)  S+ (Six-Star Upgradable)

My Hero Academia Smash Tap All Might

Special Move:CAROLINA SMASH (Cost: 200)
Charge and deal immense damage

5% increased Health, Speed, Attack, and Defense
High base stats and a special move that deals immense damage makes All Might (No. 1 Hero) the perfect starting hero. The downside is the high SP cost for your special move and that there is a chance of missing your special move after the initial charge.

Katsuki Bakugo (爆豪 勝己 (自尊心の塊)) S (Six-Star Upgradable)

My Hero Academia Smash Tap Bakugo

Special Move:爆破(Cost:195)
Store energy and release to deal great damage, increase Bakugou’s Attack and Speed for 10 seconds

Deal additional 15% more damage to Technique heroes

Attack type character that is capable of dealing a high amount of damage. Although his special move is costly, the 10 seconds buff on attack and speed makes him quite strong during boss battles. His passive is incredibly precise, making him shine even more in Technique based stages.

Shota Aizawa (相澤 消太 (プロの本領)) A+ (Six-Star Upgradable)

My Hero Academia Smash Tap Aizawa Eraserhead

Special Move:捕縛 (Cost: 195)
Deal damage to all nearby enemies, enemies affected has decreased Attack, Defense, and Speed for 10 seconds

Special move cost reduced by 10%

A Support type character with a nice AoE special move that also debuffs enemies affected. The reduce special move cost allows him to use his special move twice without delay. Although Eraserhead may be a pro in the manga/anime series, unfortunately, in-game damage output is more important, hence his fourth place position on the list.

Shoto Todoroku (轟 焦凍 (圧倒的な個性)) A

My Hero Academia Smash Tap Todoroki

Special Move:氷結 (Cost: 150)
Deal high damage and freeze enemies

Immune to Freeze

Todoroki’s special move doesn’t deal as much damage as the rest, but has a freeze crowd control effect which is particularly useful. His base attack stat is almost comparable with All Might, but without a six-star upgrade, his stats will drop off much earlier than the previous four characters mentioned.

Uraraka Ochaco (麗日 お茶子 (∞の可能性) B+

My Hero Academia Smash Tap Uraraka

Special Move:巨石シュート (Cost: 110)
以巨石轟向敵人,5秒內自身防禦力上升 Trows a giant boulder at enemies, dealing  high damage and increases self Defense for five seconds

SP increased by 10%

Area attacks increased defense, and high SP makes Urarako quite the Tank. Her Special Move has a significant area of effect, making her quite useful at clearing creeps.

Mineta Minoru (田 実 (立ち向かう勇気)) B+

My Hero Academia Smash Tap Mineta

Special Move:もぎもぎラッシュ(Cost:100)
Trows hair balls, immobilize enemies in affected area

Attack increased by 10%

Support character with a great AoE immobilize. When paired with an attack type hero Mineta’s special move can easily assist in dealing a tremendous amount of damage. Compared to solo PvE, this hero shines more in Co-op.

Asui Tsuru (蛙吹 梅雨 (水を得た蛙)) B

My Hero Academia Smash Tap Asui

Special Move:フロッグキック(Cost:100)
Leaps up and deals large damage upon landing

Defense increase by 10%

Although Asui is a balance type character, her defense is significantly high.  With a low cost Special Move, you can effortlessly chain your special moves for easy creep clears to assist in boss fight.

Iida Tenya (飯田 天哉 (託された思い)) B

My Hero Academia Smash Tap Iida

Special Move:エンジンブースト(Cost:100)
Greatly improve speed for 10 seconds

Increase Speed by 5%

Passive Speed increase with a Speed buff Special Move. Currently not a lot of use, but looking at similar games from the past, Speed usually receives a significant buff later on. Although nothing us guaranteed, it could be a worthy investment.  Unfortunately that makes Iida pretty useless right now.

In Conclusion

Natural five-star heroes are the best starter characters in the game, with All Might being at the top of the list in terms of raw stats, however, getting Midoriya first would make farming for materials in the future slightly easier. It is highly recommended that you get one of the four natural five-star characters at the initial five-star summon due to their superior stats and most importantly, their six-star upgrade. After you complete the full tutorial, Asui is a good character to have in your first 10x summon due to her creep clearing capabilities. Those who wants to take the risk can try saving an Iida in possession and wait for Speed to get buffed. I wouldn’t really recommend that though.

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