【QooReview】Sega’s「Back to the Past」? -《World Chain》


The classic JRPG mobile game《Chain Chronicles》is now having a new sister , namely《World Chain》. Stunning illustrations together with turn-based gameplays, existing《CC》players should be not surprised with these settings.

Japanese《Back to the Past》?

Format and interfaces are much inherited from its previous series, the theme of 《World Chain》 is no longer fantasy-like stories. It is a series of time travelling events happening in the backdrop of school life. Protagonist used the “Chain Driver” and went to different part of the timeline to rewrite the “interfered history”. At the mean time, they encountered lots of great historian heroes, hearing stories under diversified ages. By uniting various heroes’ spirits, and winning the battles in different decades, you are paving way to retreat the normal “present” back.

image04 image12

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) That’s why 《WC》is under “Chain” family. Everything they are trying to do is affecting history like a chain.

Melee of ancient legends?!

Time travel journey brings main characters group passing through decades and spaces. Realistic ancient heroes are waiting for your summons, who can be from ancient Europe, Japan or even China. They are having various parameters that suits particular characters more. Therefore, it is wiser to cross-check for the perfect match.

Check out comprehensive cards info: http://worldchain-wiki.sega-net.jp/web/index.html

image1111(Source:《World Chain》Official Webpage)

( ՞ټ՞) Every main characters are matched into one legendary heroes, in other words, a higher matching percentage.

Gallery time!

I guess one of the selling points that attract new players are the card graphic. If you are a card-graphic-holic like me, please find out followings to see the updates from the illustrator who created those gorgeous drawings:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/m_a_jiji
Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1620716

Game On!

When you have a solid team with the heroes, it’s time to get on the real-time defence battlefield. All you need to do is to 1) pair up ancient heroes with the characters to achieve highest “Matching Percentage”; 2) put them onto battlefield and manage their positions; 3) summon heroes and release their special skills; 4) Don’t let enemies enter the red border!

image02 image01

( ՞ټ՞) Don’t forget to swift back quickly, archer cannot take down so many horsemen at a sudden!

Side story-line: Dating your mates?!

At the mean time, you can social with your mates to enhance the relationship among yourselves. (All of a sudden it turns into a novel game, or even a dating game…(゚∀。)) The more hearts you get from your mates, the better “Matching Percentage” they can sync. with heroes!

image05 image08

– Just-started-reviews –

( σ՞ਊ ՞)σ Good: Really “considerate” lucky draw system

There is a such a “buddha-hearted” (jaagan that Taiwanese players normally use) lucky draw setting which help you to “predict” your opportunity towards a 5-star card. As it is calculated in cumulative probability, and you can even reset the counting once you have a 5-star, the lucky draw becomes less exhausting than the other games.

image10 image07

( ◜◡‾)Neutral: Re-skinned《CC》?

Many players claimed that there are many similarities compared to 《CC》, some even interpreted it as a re-skin. Still, this is already the third year since《CC》came to us, under the fact that there won’t be new-comers, it is still a good place for fresh players to have a taste on the Chain series. So I think it is still okay.

( ◜◡‾)Neutral: More likely a story-emphasized game

With the auto battle mode, not much effort is needed during the real-time battle. So I think the main focus of《WC》could be more likely the story and the graphics, especially with the mode of building bonds with your mates.

image06 image03

Final words

To be simple, it is certainly a good game if you really like narratives. Yet, you may be disappointed if you are looking for an unprecedented system differed from 《CC》. Last note, new-comers can enjoy the pre-registration gifts till 12th, Oct, which is a five-star card, having a promising matching rate with protagonist~

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