[Qoo Review] Future of VR: stare at a stripping girl for legit reasons


You are not a pervert. You are a heroic warrior.

Look and Feel is a VR game where monsters and tentacles keep harassing a pretty young lady. They like touching places they shouldn’t touch.

∇ Hey! Get your hands off her!

You who fights for justice have to use your frightening yet heroic gaze to kill them. And the reward is quite tempting.

She strips as you clear more and more stages.

This game caught so much attention when it was showcased in GSTAR 2016. So we invited the Korean producer, EXA INTERACTIVE, to show us more.


Players can choose languages and VR/phone mode upon launching the game. It is going to be released in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. Other languages will be added later.



The map displays all stages available for playing. Each stage consumes some stamina (shoes) and each stage has different characters dressed in different clothes. Staring at the target stage can proceed to reading the stage description and a start button.



In the game, simply locking eyes with the monsters can kill them. The monsters have to be killed within a time limit. Failing to do so makes the lady stressed out. Once the stress level is at its highest, the game is over.




There are various red objects in the environment. Staring at these objects allows players to change their viewpoints. This is convenient for killing monsters that are sneaky.



Once a stage is cleared, players are rewarded with points and money. The points are put up on an international ranking board so all players know who are more “gentleman”. The money rewarded can be used to purchase more female characters and sexy clothes.



The game will have more themed stages, accessories and characters later. They can be unlocked using in-game money or real money.




In the item store, gears are available for purchase. Below is (starting from the left): worm-magnifying goggles, worm-slowing goggles, a water gun for making the lady behave strangely and some water gun ammo.


This is peculiar and fresh, be it the mechanism or the entire structure. We have been using our controllers to kill in VR games, but with just our eyes? The idea sounds pretty arrogant at first, but Look and Feel has proved it possible. We are definitely willing to try it out. The game will be released in early 2017. Please check out QooApp for more updates on the game.