[Qoo News] Mobile game Liberation of Azure will crossover with Golden Axe



SEGA’s mobile game Liberation of Azure(蒼空のリベラシオン)will launch a crossover event with another of its game, Golden Axe(ゴールデンアックス). The event will begin on 15th December.

Golden Axe was first released as an arcade beat ’em up game in 1989. It was then released on other platforms like Mega Drive. In this event, characters from Golden Axe will appear in Liberation of Azure. More details will be revealed on the event’s official website.



In Liberation of Azure, players play as a part of a revolution army and set out to reclaim the capital that is occupied by the enemy. It is a 2D mobile RPG.

蒼空のリベラシオン【協力2DアクションRPG】 SEGA CORPORATION :