[Qoo News] Kizuna Strikers Readily Available for iOS/Android


The latest mobile soccer game under the wings of Japan’s Amazing Inc., Kizuna Striker (キズナストライカー!), is now available for  download for iOS and Android. With the success of the previous pre-registration, players will receive deluxe pre-registration rewards on their initial log-in and on the 10th day log-in.

The initial day rewards includes an exclusive Rinya (りんや) costume (left) and on the 10th day, players will receive a Kanna Yaiba (神奈やいば) costume (right).

Kizuna Striker is set in Haneshiro Highschool (翼白高校). Players play the role of a Supervisor to the soon-to-be-abolished soccer club who alongside the main protagonist, Kanna, aims to recruit and build the strongest soccer team. Kizuna Striker has a recurring theme of Bonds, through practice and competition player forge stronger bonds between their characters and progress further in the game. The game features a unique shounen manga-esque progression combined with manga-like scenes for character special moves to give player a hot-blooded shounen manga experience.

▼In-game screen caps



▼Chibi style character appearances


▼Raise stats through practicing to compete in competitions!



▼New Year Event starts 6th January and lasts until 17th January

Collect EMP through event missions and use them to unlock new missions on the event map or exchange them of event costumes.

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