[Qoo News] Hi-Rez Studio Announces New Game on Mobile & PC



Hi-Rez Studio, creators of the 3rd-Person MOBA, SMITE, announces a new mobile game combining the addictive fast-pace style of Clash Royal with their mythological SMITE characters.

SMITE Rivals will be a Collectible Card Arena game style gives players the satisfaction of collecting characters as well as real-time quick intense games that puts your wits to test.

According to Brian Grayson, Project Lead of SMITE Rivals, the game will not only be available on mobile, but also on PC. Player’s progress will be synced on both platform, giving players additional options to when, where and how they want to enjoy the game.

In the FAQ section of SMITE Rival’s official website, it states the game will be launched sometime this year. You can also sign-up for closed beta on their site http://www.smiterivals.com